Fiction Published Online:

There's No Such Thing as Accidents, Quarterly West, Issue 91, Spring 2017

There's Happy and There's Happy, DM du Jour, December 18, 2015

How I Saved my Brothers, TJ Eckleburg Review, July 2015

A Little Bit Closer to Water, The Writing Disorder, Spring 2015

Cashing In, Map Literary, Fall 2014

My Condolence, Bartleby Snopes, April 2014 (also in print)

The President's Phone, Eclectica, Oct/Nov 2013

Crash #6 (from Ten Crashes), Pindledyboz, 2003 (no longer available)

After the Party (excerpt), Paperbytes, 2003 (no longer available)

Troddy, Eclectica, Jan/Feb 2003 (also in print)

Definitions, BeeHive, 05:02, Dec 2002


Fiction Published in Print Only

Back to School Night, Prick of the Spindle, Issue 8, Spring/Summer 2015

All of Human History to the Present Day, scissors & spackle, Issue 13, 2015

Ingredients, Third Bed, #10, 2005(?)

Death in the Afternoon, Pierogi Press, #10, 2003

Taxonymi, New Works Review, 2003 (no longer available, at least that I could find)

Crash #9 (from Ten Crashes), Lamination Colony, 2002 (couldn't find this either)